For consultants, coaches, and solopreneurs ready to accelerate their financial growth using AI:

Discover How I Generated $450,311 Online Without Paid Ads, Sales Calls, or Leaving My House

Using The "AI Automated Business System"

3 Day Live Virtual Event: November 14 - 16, 2023

11am (West Coast) / 2pm (East Coast) / 8pm (Europe)

* this event is 100% remote so you can tune in from anywhere in the world *

The first EVER AI automated business system that’s actually designed to help you grow your business

online working less than 20-30 hours per month - without being spammy, salesy, or sleazy.

Register Now & Discover My 3-Step System That Is Responsible For...

Result #1: Organic LinkedIn Growth by 14X

Discover how I leveraged AI tools to grow from 2k to 29k followers and generated 4.5M+ impressions on LinkedIn since the end of March 2023 while still maintaining authenticity and developing thought leadership.

(100% REAL organic followers - no ads, bots, pods, or fake followers)

Result #2: Processed $450,311 in credit card transactions



Result #3: Monthly Income Growth by 5X

Within 45 days of implementing AI tools and Automations into more areas of my business, I was able to capture 5x more revenue while keeping operational costs low.

(without a team, ads or sales calls)

Before AI

After AI

"There will only be two types of companies in the future -

those who are great at AI and everybody else."

- Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban

If you found the results above impressive,

keep reading...

Before I embraced the power of AI, I was drowning in the daily grind of running a small team in my business – and let me tell you, it was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster.

Earlier this year, when I started from the ground up, I vowed to stick to just two simple golden rules:

  • Slash the costs, skyrocket the profits.

  • Kiss high-stress business models goodbye.

This wasn't just about business; it was a revolution against the norm.

I had to muster the courage to let my team go, and adopt a lean, mean, AI-powered operation.

No more sales calls, no team management, no nerve-wracking deadlines hanging over my head.

The number one killer in the U.S. is Stress.

The top source of stress is generally finances-related.

So let's face it, STRESS isn't just a buzzword...

It's the grim reaper lurking in the shadows.

The constant pressure to ensure a steady revenue stream to cover payroll had me tethered to a never-ending cycle of 18+ hour workdays, 7 days a week. No days off.

I was extremely unhappy, burned out to a crisp, racking up lots of debt in my personal life and worst of all?

I had become a slave to my business.

My business was no longer an asset driver to wealth, instead it had morphed into a monstrous liability, draining the joy and freedom it was supposed to bring.

I knew something had to change - immediately.

So, I ditched the 'hustle till you drop' mantra (props to you if that's your jam, though!) and embarked on a journey to discover how I could create a low-stress, high-profit business without sacrificing my time, my energy or my sanity.

And guess what? I broke free.

So if you're currently there, tangled amidst chaos, working every waking moment of your day, and not knowing which direction to take...

...Or perhaps, you're just starting, with no team or resources to support you.


I've engineered a foolproof 3-step system that empowered me to:

  • reclaim my time back

  • boost my profit margins

  • eliminate stress and business-related headaches

All powered by two mighty pillars: AI & Automation.

As a result, I'm able to:

  • create content that attracts ideal buyers, and

  • generate income without getting on sales calls

While keeping true to my two golden rules - high profit margins with low stress levels.

Welcome to 2023, where the AI revolution is not coming; it's HERE.

Ditch the old-school grind.

Let the robots handle that.

I am on a mission to show you how to build your business empire (in your own way) with minimum stress levels and maximum profits, all backed by AI and automation.

And the best part?

I've demystified the process for you, making it accessible even if you're not a tech wizard.


Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

Join me for a 3-day virtual bootcamp LIVE that unlocks the strategies behind how I've built an online business powered by AI and automation.

Bonus! Day 0: Monday November 13, 2023 (2pm - 3pm est)

AI Networking Party

Before the bootcamp officially kicks off, we'll start the week with a virtual networking party – your gateway to forming valuable connections and gearing up for the transformative journey ahead. This isn't just a call; it's a vibrant networking hub where you can mingle with fellow solopreneurs, exchange innovative ideas, and perhaps find your next collaborator or mentor. Get a head start on fostering connections that could revolutionize your business journey. Your first step towards growth and collaborations in the AI domain begins here!

Day 1: Tuesday November 14, 2023 (2pm - 3:30pm est)

Create A Proven "Sales System" That Does NOT

Require Sales Calls

Discover our proven 'sales system' that you can literally replicate right after this call. Learn the secrets to attracting ideal customers who are eager to buy from you - without having to get on a bunch of calls. Say goodbye to the hustle culture's toxic mentality on working until you collapse. Instead, build a business with purpose, freedom, and longevity in mind. Your blueprint to a simpler, smarter business starts here!

Day 2: Wednesday November 15, 2023 (2pm - 3:30pm est)

Leverage AI Tools & Automation So Your Business Runs on Autopilot

On the last day, we're diving into the blueprint of a business that practically runs itself! Discover the seamless ways to integrate AI tools into your daily operations, making tasks from marketing to customer service incredibly straightforward. We'll guide you on how to select and utilize the best tools, ramping up your efficiency and profitability, all without the usual stress. Step into the future where your business is a beacon of efficiency and effortless profitability!

Day 3: Thursday November 16, 2023 (2pm - 3:30pm est)

Create Content That Attracts Ideal Buyers - In Bulk

Step into the future of content creation! Learn simple ways to understand your audience and create content in bulk that actually resonates to them. Plus, leverage different AI tools and automations to help you create your content a lot faster, accelerating their buyer's journey from cold lead to sold. Get ready to transform your online presence with less effort and become the go-to voice in your niche.

Bonus! Day 4: Friday November 17, 2023 (2pm - 3:30pm est)

Learn How To Setup Your AI Agent

We are 1 of 100 agencies in the entire world that is licensed to offer conversational AI as a service. Join us for a bonus workshop where we will hold your hand step-by-step and onboard you onto our platform where we will set you up with an ai agent that can help your business with appointment setting, sales calls, and customer service - completely automated.

Bonus! Day 5: Saturday November 17, 2023 (2pm - 3:30pm est)

Post-Bootcamp Live Q&A

Got questions? I've got answers! As a golden wrap-up to our transformative journey, join the exclusive Post-Bootcamp Live Q&A session. This is your golden ticket to deep-dive into the intricacies of what we discussed in the past 3 days with personalized guidance. No query is too big or small; whether it's technical doubts or strategic guidance, get ready to have all your questions answered, paving a clear, confident path for you to storm ahead in your journey. It's your direct line to expert insights and tailored advice!

Register Now & Gain Access To These Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1

AI Essentials Masterclass

New to AI? Gain (free) access to my 1 hour AI masterclass, where I breakdown the current state of AI, AI tools, and prompt engineering for business purposes. We are currently living through one of the most important shifts in humanity - the AI shift. It's important now, more than ever, to stay ahead of the curve you can future-proof your career or business. Companies usually invest five-figures for this training to their teams, and when you sign up to the bootcamp you get it for free.

Bonus #2

Bootcamp AI Toolkit

Receive an exclusive toolkit consisting of our swipe files, copy-and-paste prompts, ai tools, and resources that we cover in the bootcamp. This will help you navigate the world of AI and online marketing effortlessly. Spend more time paying attention, we've compiled everything you need to succeed during the bootcamp into this toolkit. This toolkit is designed to get you up and running with the most potent AI tools and prompts available in the market, saving you time and maximizing your efficiency.

Bonus #3

Lifetime Access To The Replay

Your learning doesn't have to be confined to just three days. With lifetime access to the replays, you can revisit the wealth of knowledge shared at the bootcamp anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to reinforce what you've learned or explore strategies at your own pace, the lifetime access ensures that the bootcamp's treasure trove of insights is always at your fingertips. It's not just a replay; it's your ongoing companion in the journey to a prosperous, stress-free business empire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event live or pre-recorded?

The bootcamp is live. It takes place on November 14 - 16, 2023. The sessions are from 2:00pm to 3:30pm est.

Usually it's 45 mins worth of training, and the remaining time is ask-me-anything style Q&A and/or hands-on implementation time.

If you have additional questions email me

Will there be a replay?

Yes. Replays will be uploaded after the live sessions are done. Sign up to ensure you receive access to the replays.

If you have additional questions email me

Is this bootcamp helpful for me?

If you are a subject matter expert, and want to either create a course or grow your own b2b or b2c consulting/coaching business then this is for you.

I'm going to show you how I grew my consulting business without running ads or getting on a bunch of sales calls.

I've never done this training publicly before. I've only reserved this for my consulting clients, so this is all new information.

If you have additional questions email me

I found you through an ad. What do you mean you grew without ads?

To be extra clear and transparent, I did not run ads or pay for sponsored posts to generate my first $400k online.

Now, I am at a place of scaling so you will start to see some of my ads, sponsored posts, and newsletter sponsorships.

But again, this training is meant to show you how I started without any type of ads or paid posts and was able to generate multiple six figures.

Meet Isabella Bedoya

Isabella Bedoya, community builder and founder of MarketingPros.AI,

an AI-powered educational platform and consulting firm.

Isabella is immersed in all things marketing, sales, social media, creator economy, and artificial intelligence.

She has generated over 98M+ views on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram leveraging short-form videos, UGC, and influencer marketing for Fortune 500 DTC brands including Fortune’s Top 10 - Google & United HealthCare while working for an award-winning marketing agency.

Isabella has been featured in BoldTV, the Emmy-Award winning nationally syndicated television show The List, Business Insider, and more to name a few.

Presently, she started MarketingPros.AI and is building in public exploring the AI space and showing leaders and marketers how to coexist with AI to make our lives easier in the workplace.

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