Want To Make Money From Your LinkedIn?

Master the Art of Creating AI-Powered

High-Ticket Offers on LinkedIn

(learn the exact strategies I used to generate my first $500k+ online without paid ads)

3 Day Live Virtual Event: February 13 - 15, 2024

11am (West Coast) / 2pm (East Coast) / 8pm (Europe)

* this event is 100% remote so you can tune in from anywhere in the world *

"There will only be two types of companies in the future -

those who are great at AI and everybody else."

- Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban

Here's Exactly What You'll Master (In Just 3 Days)

Join me for a 3-day virtual bootcamp LIVE that unlocks the strategies behind how I've built a profitable online business powered by AI and automation.

Bonus! Day 0: Monday February 12, 2024 (2pm - 3pm est)

AI Networking Party

This pre-bootcamp event is designed as a networking opportunity. Participants can connect with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. It's an excellent chance to build relationships, share insights, and discuss challenges and opportunities in AI-powered business. Expect informal discussions, idea exchanges, and the formation of potentially valuable connections.

Meet your colleagues that are on this journey with you this week.

Day 1: Tuesday February 13, 2024 (2pm - 3pm est)

Create Your AI-Powered High Ticket Offer

The focus is on identifying and developing a high-value, AI-powered high ticket offer. Participants will learn how to leverage their unique skills and goals to create an offer that appeals to their ideal client avatar. The session will cover market research, defining value propositions, and aligning the offer with current AI tools and market needs.

The goal? To help you find product-market fit faster.

Day 2: Wednesday February 14, 2024 (2pm - 3pm est)

Attract High Quality Paying Clients

This day is dedicated to strategies for acquiring your initial clients. The session will cover various sales processes and marketing strategies, with a special focus on leveraging AI tools for targeted outreach and engagement. Participants will learn about creating effective sales funnels, identifying and reaching out to potential clients, and fine-tuning their approach based on feedback and results.

The goal? To help you find your first client faster.

Day 3: Thursday February 15, 2024 (2pm - 3pm est)

Leverage AI Tools & Automation

The focus shifts to growing the business using AI tools and automation. This session will explore different AI tools and automation strategies that can help in streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and managing growth efficiently. Participants will learn about various AI tools available in the market, how to integrate them into their business processes, and ways to use these tools for continuous improvement and innovation.

The goal? To help you work less while earning more.

Bonus! Day 4: Friday February 16, 2024 (2pm - 3pm est)

Post-Bootcamp Live Q&A

This bonus session is an open forum for participants to ask questions, seek clarifications, and discuss their plans or challenges. It's an opportunity for personalized advice and feedback, ensuring that attendees can apply what they've learned in the most effective way in their respective business contexts.

This is an exclusive ask-me-anything opportunity.

Register Now & Gain Access To

These Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1

AI Essentials Masterclass

New to AI? Gain (free) access to my 1 hour AI masterclass, where I breakdown the current state of AI, AI tools, and prompt engineering for business purposes. We are currently living through one of the most important shifts in humanity - the AI shift. It's important now, more than ever, to stay ahead of the curve you can future-proof your career or business. Companies usually invest five-figures for this training to their teams, and when you sign up to the bootcamp you get it for free.

Bonus #2

Bootcamp AI Toolkit

Receive an exclusive toolkit consisting of our swipe files, copy-and-paste prompts, ai tools, and resources that we cover in the bootcamp. This will help you navigate the world of AI and online marketing effortlessly. Spend more time paying attention, we've compiled everything you need to succeed during the bootcamp into this toolkit. This toolkit is designed to get you up and running with the most potent AI tools and prompts available in the market, saving you time and maximizing your efficiency.

Bonus #3

Lifetime Access To The Replay

Your learning doesn't have to be confined to just three days. With lifetime access to the replays, you can revisit the wealth of knowledge shared at the bootcamp anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to reinforce what you've learned or explore strategies at your own pace, the lifetime access ensures that the bootcamp's treasure trove of insights is always at your fingertips. It's not just a replay; it's your ongoing companion in the journey to a prosperous, stress-free business empire!

I Will Also Reveal My 3-Step System That Is Responsible For...

Result #1: Organic LinkedIn Growth by 14X

Discover how I leveraged AI tools to grow from 2k to 34.7k followers and generated 4.5M+ impressions on LinkedIn since the end of March 2023 while still maintaining authenticity and developing thought leadership.

(100% REAL organic followers - no ads, bots, pods, or fake followers)

Result #2: Processed $450,311 in credit card transactions



Result #3: Monthly Income Growth by 5X

Within 45 days of implementing AI tools and Automations into more areas of my business, I was able to capture 5x more revenue while keeping operational costs low.

(without a team, ads or sales calls)

Before AI

After AI

Meet Isabella Bedoya

Isabella Bedoya, founder of MarketingPros.AI, helps businesses leverage AI, AI agents, and automations to accelerate growth, optimize efficiency and reduce labor costs.

She's an expert in the creator economy - growing and monetizing social media is her expertise.

Isabella has worked with Fortune 500 brands, spearheading their influencer marketing campaigns that generated over 98M+ impressions across all activations. She's worked with brands such as Bud Light, Snap, United Healthcare, Ablo, BenQ, Universal Music Group, Sony LATAM, and more.

Presently, Isabella has generated 5.3M impressions and grown to 35k followers on LinkedIn in only 9 months.

Her insights have earned her features on BoldTV, the Emmy-awarded 'The List,' Hubspot, Business Insider, NYC Times Square, and more.

Isabella is actively 'building in public,' documenting and exploring AI’s transformative role in business - specifically for marketing and sales.

If you want to monetize your LinkedIn

you need to start prioritizing lead generation...

Master the Art of Modern LinkedIn

Lead Generation & AI Sales

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

🔥 3-Day LIVE Virtual Bootcamp

  • Day 1: Lead Generating Content - Learn how to create content that actually generates leads. (Value $97)

  • Day 2: B2C Lead Generation - Learn the best and fastest way to build trust and generate leads with businesses with simple sales processes. (Value $297)

  • Day 3: B2B Lead Generation - Learn how to cut through the noise and build trust with 2 or more decision makers faster than traditional processes. (Value $297)

  • Day 4: AI Appointment Setters - Gain access to AI Voice agents and delegate your appointment setting so you can focus on only speaking with qualified leads. (Value $997)

  • Day 5: Post-Bootcamp Live Q&A - Your golden ticket to ask Isabella anything sales, marketing, or AI related. (Value $297)

🚀 Early Bird Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: AI Essentials Masterclass - Gain (free) access to my 1 hour AI masterclass, where I breakdown the current state of AI, AI tools, and prompt engineering for business purposes.

  • Bonus #2: Claim Your Free AI Agent - Claim your AI Voice Agent with access to priority IP servers, API Calls, and early beta access. This is super exclusive and is only available to 100 licensed conversational ai agencies in the entire world.

  • Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to the Replay - Your treasure trove of insights, available anytime, anywhere to guide you to a prosperous, stress-free business empire!

Total Value $997+

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$55 USD

100% Money Back Guarantee - Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

We are fully committed to providing you with strategies and insights that have the potential to revolutionize your business. That's why we offer a 'NO-RISK, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE'.

Participate actively in our 3-day transformative bootcamp, immerse yourself in the content, and engage with the community. If, by the end of the third day on February 15th, 2024, you don't feel we've delivered on our promise, simply let us know and we'll refund your full investment - no fuss, no hassle. We are confident in the value and transformative power this bootcamp holds. It's a golden ticket to tapping into high-income strategies and business insights that have the potential to catapult your business into a league of its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event live or pre-recorded?

The bootcamp will take place on April 8 - 12, 2024, live on zoom.

The sessions start daily at 2pm est, and it usually has a 60 minute run time. The sessions are broken down 45 mins worth of training, and the remaining time is ask-me-anything style Q&A and/or hands-on implementation time depending on the daily activities.

If you have additional questions email me izzy@marketingpros.ai

Will there be a replay?

Yes. Replays will be uploaded after the live sessions are done. Sign up to ensure you receive access to the replays.

If you have additional questions email me izzy@marketingpros.ai

Is this bootcamp helpful for me?

If you are a subject matter expert, and want to grow your own B2B or B2C consulting/coaching/service based business then this is for you.

I'm going to show you how I grew my high ticket business without running ads or getting on a bunch of sales calls.

I've never done this training publicly before.

I've only reserved this for my consulting clients, so this is all new information.

If you have additional questions email me izzy@marketingpros.ai

I've taken your bootcamp before. Is this the same as before?

Short answer, no.

We're constantly updating our strategies so our bootcamps area also made to reflect that.

However, if you've participated and paid for one of our bootcamps before email us to receive a special promo code izzy@marketingpros.ai

Please email us from the email you used to sign up so our team can cross-reference and confirm your previous enrollment.

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